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LA Restaurants with Delicious Roasted Chicken Dishes: A Flavorful Journey

Looking to discover new restaurants nearby with mouthwatering roasted chicken dishes? Look no further! Los Angeles, a city known for its diverse food scene, is home to some of the most succulent roasted chicken offerings you'll ever taste. From aromatic herbs and spices to crispy, golden-brown skin, these dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Here's a roundup of LA restaurants that serve up delicious roasted chicken dishes, along with information on how to order food from picture menus on Plaza.

1. Kismet Rotisserie
Tucked away on Hollywood Boulevard, Kismet Rotisserie is a standout destination for chicken lovers. The rotisserie chicken is seasoned with a medley of spices, including coriander and turmeric, and is accompanied by still-crunchy cauliflower and cabbage in yogurt. The pillowy soft pitas here are an absolute showstopper—dip them in the creamy, cool hummus or make a sandwich dressed with excellent chile oil or the intriguing fennel tzatziki. There might not be a more varied or delicious way to get one’s roast chicken fix in the city​.

2. Ostrich Farm
This Sunset Boulevard gem offers a killer online ordering system with relatively affordable wine pairings. The classic half roasted chicken comes with fingerling potatoes and apple fennel confit. The tender, juicy chicken paired with the earthy flavors of fennel and potatoes make for an unforgettable meal.

3. Craft LA
Located in Century City, Tom Colicchio’s enduring restaurant Craft bastes jidori chicken with butter and fresh thyme for a classic family-style meal. The chicken is served with roasted root vegetables and a rich sherry sauce, making for a hearty and satisfying dinner experience.

4. Zankou Chicken
With multiple locations across LA, Zankou Chicken is an Armenian-American icon. The restaurant’s famously intense garlic paste has built a cult following across the globe. Zankou's chicken needs no embellishment—enjoy it as is, or pair it with the garlic paste for an explosion of flavor.

5. Maple Block Meat Co.
Located in Culver City, Maple Block Meat Co. offers a unique take on roasted chicken. Though the chicken is technically smoked, its tenderness and smoky wood notes make it a must-try. Pair the chicken with their great cole slaw or indulge in some of their barbecue options.

6. Gjusta
The perpetually hip Venice bakery, Gjusta, brings out the gamier qualities of wood-oven roasted chicken. Alongside the chicken, enjoy a trio of sauces: tzatziki sauce, chimichurri, and harissa that packs a surprising kick.

7. Great White Rotisseria
Those out west will appreciate Great White Rotisseria’s solid menu of healthy hits. The herb-inflected chicken is accompanied by roasted tahini veggies and crunchy schmaltzy potatoes. The garlic sauce here is subtle on the garlic flavor but no less addictive.

Ready to dine in or take out? Many of these restaurants offer the convenience of online ordering. Find picture menus of local restaurants to explore the array of options, and order food from picture menus online with ease. Whether you're in the mood for a cozy family-style dinner or a quick takeout meal, LA's roasted chicken scene has something for everyone.