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Healthy Options to Order at Vietnamese and Japanese Restaurants in Los Angeles to Stay Healthy

Are you looking to kick off the new year with a healthy start, but still want to enjoy some delicious meals out at restaurants? Look no further! Los Angeles is home to a diverse range of cuisines that offer plenty of options for those looking to watch their weight.

If you order right, Vietnamese food can be healthy. Many Vietnamese dishes are light and refreshing, yet still packed with flavor. Some great options to order at Vietnamese restaurants in LA include:

  • Grilled lemongrass chicken (ga nuong) or beef (bo nuong): These dishes are grilled to perfection and served with a side of fresh herbs and vegetables, making them a healthy and satisfying choice.
  • Spring rolls (goi cuon): These rolls are typically made with thin rice paper and filled with a variety of ingredients such as shrimp, pork, lettuce, and herbs. They are typically served with a dipping sauce and make for a great appetizer or light meal.
  • Vermicelli bowls: These bowls are filled with vermicelli noodles, a protein (such as grilled pork or shrimp), and a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. They can be served with a peanut or fish sauce, both of which are low in calories.

Another type of cuisine that offers plenty of healthy options is Japanese. Some great dishes to order at Japanese restaurants in LA if you're trying to stay healthy:

  • Sashimi: This dish consists of thinly sliced raw fish and is often served with a side of rice. It's a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Edamame: These boiled and salted soybeans are a popular appetizer and make for a healthy snack.
  • Miso soup: This soup is made with a broth made from fermented soybeans and is often served with tofu and seaweed. It's a low-calorie option that's also packed with nutrients.

So next time you're dining out in LA and trying to stay fit, consider trying some dishes from these cuisines. With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy delicious meals while still staying on track with your health goals.