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Discover the Best Vegan and Plant-Based Restaurants in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is a culinary paradise for those seeking plant-based and vegan cuisine. With a growing number of restaurants embracing the plant-based movement, Los Angeles has become a haven for food enthusiasts looking for delicious and sustainable dining options. From innovative vegan eateries to establishments offering an array of plant-based dishes, here are some of the best vegan and plant-based restaurants in Los Angeles.

  1. Crossroads Kitchen

    Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Crossroads Kitchen offers a refined dining experience with a fully plant-based menu. Chef Tal Ronnen's culinary creations are as artful as they are flavorful, featuring dishes like "Artichoke Oysters" and "Eggplant Parmesan." Whether you're vegan or simply curious, Crossroads Kitchen is a must-visit.
  2. Gracias Madre

    Celebrating the flavors of Mexican cuisine, Gracias Madre is a vegan gem in West Hollywood. The restaurant's menu is a celebration of organic, plant-based ingredients that come together in dishes like "Enchiladas con Mole" and "Chiles Rellenos." Enjoy your meal with one of their signature agave-based cocktails for a perfect dining experience.
  3. Sage Plant Based Bistro

    With locations in Echo Park, Culver City, and Pasadena, Sage Plant Based Bistro is a favorite among LA's plant-based community. Known for their extensive menu of vegan comfort food, Sage offers dishes like "Buffalo Cauliflower Wings" and "Jackfruit Nachos." Don't miss their vegan soft-serve ice cream for dessert!
  4. Café Gratitude

    A staple in the LA vegan scene, Café Gratitude serves up wholesome, organic, and plant-based dishes in a positive and affirming environment. With menu items named "I Am Grateful" and "I Am Whole," the restaurant aims to nourish both body and spirit. Enjoy their nourishing bowls, vibrant salads, and delectable desserts.
  5. Plant Food + Wine

    Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Venice, Plant Food + Wine is a plant-based restaurant that emphasizes locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's elegant menu includes dishes like "Kimchi Dumplings" and "Cashew Raclette," paired beautifully with their curated selection of organic and biodynamic wines.

Whether you're a lifelong vegan, exploring plant-based options, or simply looking for a delicious meal, these Los Angeles eateries are sure to delight your taste buds and inspire your culinary journey. Join the thriving plant-based community in LA and discover the joys of conscious dining.